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How To Improve Digestion and Metabolism

September 16, 2018

We’ve often been taught that digestion starts in the mouth. We are reminded and encouraged to chew a certain number of times and the enzymes secreted in the mouth begin the digestion process. And while yes, this does occur….digestion actually begins before you take that first bite.   Digestion begins in the brain. The moment […]

How Binge Eating Saved My Life

How Binge Eating Saved My Life

March 13, 2018

You’re on your way home from work or school, you’ve had a terrible day. Your mind is so overwhelmed, you’re exhausted, and all you want to do is numb out and check out from the day. You feel as if you never got anything done for yourself, and frustrated that yet again another day has […]

Energy Healing Journey

Energy Healing Journey

December 13, 2017

2017 has been an intense yet amazing year for me. I started down a path of accelerated growth when I began working with mentors who trained me in energy work. I began to connect with myself in ways I never had before, peeling back the layers of doubt and fear that had caused me to […]

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A few of my residents who have diagnoses of anxiety, depression, pain, verbal aggression, cerebral palsy, ALS, and agitation participated in a mini session with Caroline. Days later I have observed in them a decrease in emotional outburst, agitation, and anxiety. They have been more calm and able to articulate their feelings more appropriately, demonstrating increased mental clarity. If you have an interest in holistic and alternative medicine to promote healing within the body I highly recommend Caroline Woolard. - Samantha W.

I have been to Caroline several times for Reiki, crystal and angel card healing sessions. She is a very kind and intuitive person, it is a pleasure to call her a friend! I highly recommend a session with her. - Tracy W.