2017 has been an intense yet amazing year for me. I started down a path of accelerated growth when I began working with mentors who trained me in energy work. I began to connect with myself in ways I never had before, peeling back the layers of doubt and fear that had caused me to guard myself, especially my heart.
My whole being opened up, and in the process of opening, I found my gateway into healing myself and assisting others in finding their opening as well.
As I began to release all the limiting beliefs, doubts, old stories and fear that stood in my path I began to be propelled forward to the people, places, and things that were being shut out by my MIND alone. They were always there, I just was never slowing down enough to see, feel and hear the guidance directing me to them. I was clogged up with negative thoughts that kept me stuck in self-sabotaging behavior patterns.
Along with discovering the power of my mind, I began to observe the cycles and rhythms, the ups and downs of life. Realizing that there will always be challenges or obstacles but that I could shift my perception and see them as training for my soul’s growth, the lessons I am here to learn, and I could move through them much more gracefully. With every down, an up is soon to follow. We must keep ourselves grounded, connected, and present to learn the lessons. Knowing that energy moves, it must soon shift, nothing ever stays exactly the same, truly.
We often times live in these old stories without realizing their impact on our lives because we have simply gotten comfortable with those thought patterns, our brain sees the unknown as a threat, so we fear it. We resist what wants to come into our lives, pushing away the opportunities, people, and ideas that we were meant to do something greater with our lives because we are so wrapped up in the busyness, completely overwhelmed. We stay stuck in and reliving our greatest fear every.single.day. when we brace ourselves against it, as it consumes our thoughts, attracting the very thing we don’t want to us.
The good news is you can shift this at any moment, all you need is the willingness to see it differently. Connecting to your breath in the moment, beginning to use it as an anchor to ground you into this present moment. Breathe in love, exhale all doubt and fear. As you begin to do this consistently, bringing more mindfulness and awareness to your thoughts and patterns, you can create a space to shift it. You will discover your opening. Meditation helps this, but energy healing will take it to a deeper level!
PS. Don’t be afraid to feel your feelings. We are often taught to suppress them and move on, stay busy and avoid them. This only promotes the blocks, fueling the fear, the emotions literally get stuck in your body and influence your thoughts and wellbeing. Obviously, we don’t want to hurt others or react in a harmful way (meditation will assist you here in training you to create space before you react and allow you to respond in a more aligned way with practice-or at very least allow you to notice when your not aligned!) but if we never process our emotions they can’t be released (energy healing helps tremendously here!. The paradox is when we slow down and process we are freer because we have less holding us down.

While meditation is a powerful training system for our mind and I believe it assists us in learning to better handle daily stressors, if you are still struggling with mental and emotional stress, energy healing such as Reiki may be extremely beneficial for you! Reiki can be done in person or from a distance. My goal is actually within the next few weeks to months is to be creating some Reiki infused meditations and online courses to assist you further in your journey! These can be done alone or in combination with private sessions with me to further accelerate your healing and growth.


Photo Credit: Artist Lori Portka

You can order prints and goods from this amazing artist here!

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