Coming Home To Your Body

A collection of breathing techniques, yoga classes, meditation and workshops to help you cultivate gratitude and appreciation for your body. These are gentle and therapeutic yoga classes to help you feel better in your body. Beginner friendly, no yoga experience is needed. Reduce your stress, release some tension, show yourself some kindness and support. You deserve to nourish yourself and reconnect with your body in a safe space without the voice of diet culture, judgment or shame. You deserve to gift yourself the same kindness, respect, and love you give others. Learn how to quiet the inner critic and improve your relationship with your body.


This is where I host my monthly online group energy session on the full moon. All sessions are live and recorded so you can watch anytime if you can’t make the live version or if you like to re-watch. These sessions help you clear and recharge your energy.

Free Meditations

These are longer meditations to help you with energetic breakthroughs in your mind, body, and spirit. Feel free to lie down and just allow yourself to receive. If you do happen to fall asleep, you will still receive what you need. I have many people who say they listen to these to help them go to sleep at night and wake up feeling great.