A few years ago I began to learn about all the harmful ingredients that are allowed in our personal care products. Many of which are known endocrine disruptors, which interfere with our body’s natural hormone regulation and may be at the root infertility and many forms of cancer, including breast cancer. I had a lot of anxiety about which products to choose from because it seemed every item I picked up in local stores had a huge ingredient list, half of which I couldn’t understand. How do I know what is safe or not?! Thankfully, the Environmental Working Group has a website app where you can search out specific items and brands to see how safe the product is. Each product is broken down into ingredients that have a safety rating and the product itself has an overall safety rating. You can use this app here at EWG Skin Deep to search your current products or any products you plan to purchase.

I’ve tried many natural alternatives, mostly oil based skincare products. I even continue to make my own body butter with shea & essential oils. However, it wasn’t until about two years ago that I found a company whose makeup and skincare products that actually performed great and I could trust.

What I love most about Beautycounter is their mission: get safer skincare and cosmetics into the hands of everyone. And they don’t mean just through there personal brand, they are actually pushing that the federal regulations of the personal care/beauty industry be much more rigorous for all products out on the market by talking with Congress and going to DC. We also vote with our dollars in the purchases we choose, so by using  Beautycounter, you are actually joining a powerful movement. The last law for personal care products was actually passed in 1938 and in the US only 30 ingredients have been banned or partially restricted VS in the European Union over 1,400.

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You can learn more about the Never List here

Beautycounter screens all ingredients used for potential health hazards such as cancer, hormone disruption, and developmental toxicity. They consult with industry leaders and scientists to develop high quality and high performing products without compromising safety. Over 80% of the ingredients used are organic, natural, or plant-derived – these plus the remaining ingredients are all tested and screened for safety and performance. Beautycounter is also a Certified B Corporation, which takes into consideration people and the environment while operating their business.

Considering how finding a good sunscreen was one of my toughest challenges, the Countersun mineral based sunscreen and the Dew Skin tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 were the first two things I tried from Beautycounter.


Sometime later I began to explore some of their skincare options and fell in love with the charcoal mask, nourishing line, and the cleansing balm for my personal skin type. Since completely transitioning to Beautycounter for my skincare routine and makeup, my skin is the best it’s ever been! This is the story I hear from many too. I struggled a lot with my skin as a teenager (don’t we all?!) but with time it seemed to balance out other than being very dry with oily spots and a kinda splotchy/uneven tone. Those problems are no more! While I completely believe you don’t have to have the best skin always to happy or accepted, I DO believe that having safe skincare and makeup you can trust is a Divine form of self-care and respect. Sure having my skin glowing makes me feel good, but even if that wasn’t the case, even just using the products in the morning and after a long day bring me so much joy. I always feel so refreshed and nourished after using these beautiful, high quality products.

If you’re interested in getting personal recommendations for your skin type please fill out this form! I will also send some free samples if you’re interested to try first 🙂 Please send any questions you have to caroline@nourished-strength.com


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